454 AD
The Hunnic Empire collapses on the Roman frontier.

476 AD
Odoacer conquers the city of Rome and creates the Kingdom of Italy

488-493 AD
Gothic Conquest of Italia by Theodorus of the Ostrogoths.

529 AD
Benedict founds Monte Cassino

535-554 AD
The Gothic War is waged between the Ostrogoths and the Eastern Roman Empire. The Romans recapture Italia.

560 AD
Alboin is elected king of the Langobardi. They settle on the southern banks of the Danube.

561 AD
After the death of Clothar I, King of the Franks, his four sons divide Francia. A period of off and on Frankish civil wars begins and lasts into the next century.

568 AD
The Lombards (Langobardi) invade and conquer Italia, establishing the Kingdom of the Lombards. The Byzantines maintain possession of Ravenna and Rome.

572 AD
Albion is murdered via a plot by his wife Rosamund, who flees to Ravenna. Cleph reigns ruthlessly for 18 months.

573 AD
Badaurius arrives in Rome.
The game starts.
Cleph is assassinated at Pavia.
Beginning of the interregnum, the Rule of the Dukes.


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